Elevated Standards, Elevated Returns

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Elevated Ag

We are a farming company focused on fresh fruit in California that has found innovative ways to “Grow More with Less.”

We have married technology & our specialized expertise to apply the best hardware, sensors, and data to find the best opportunities, farm optimally, manage our teams, and manage water rights & maximize our water resources. At the same time, we know that technology will never replace a farmer’s shadow in the field and the relationships our families have forged in California and in the worldwide farming community through generations. It is the marriage of the new innovative ways of doing things and the traditional ways that makes us successful. 

We are contrarians, seeing opportunity in challenges. Elevated Ag holds itself to doing things differently, to the highest standards of excellence.

How do we Grow More with Less & turn today’s challenges into opportunities?

Sustainability is not just a buzz word for us, instead we just do things the right way, the better way which leads to higher profits. This means being experts in all that we do from farming, to managing water rights & water resources, to exploring & implementing the best practical innovations, and understanding the full supply chain that leads to our customers. We do this through our internal team’s expertise & through strong affiliate relationships.

At Elevated Ag, we hold ourselves to the highest standard implementing better practices to create greater profits and opportunities for our team members, investors, and community. You can do both good and be more successful through continuously being unsatisfied with the status quo and always asking how it can be done better. If you want to work for an organization that will give you purpose and challenge you to be the best version of yourself; or invest in something that will provide you superior profits and make you proud to be a part of something great, Elevated Ag welcomes you.


Kevin Assemi

Kevin began his career as a tax and real estate attorney and financial analyst; shortly thereafter, he advanced to Chief Tax Counsel for a large real estate and farming group. In this capacity, he prepared advanced financial models applying structures and strategies he developed. Kevin transitioned from his legal career to business intelligence, while still providing oversight on operations, acquisitions and dispositions of farming properties and real estate development properties.  Kevin then took over as President of the group of companies, overseeing all lines of business. These businesses included real estate investment, home construction and sales, agriculture, and investment/financing of its medical school. Thereafter, Kevin took over as CEO of Maricopa Orchards, one of the largest farming organizations in California overseeing farming of tens of thousands of acres including nuts, blueberries, cherries, and citrus. Additionally, he oversaw the launch of Touchstone Pistachios Company, with an amazing management team, which processes, markets, and distributes pistachios throughout the world.   As CEO, Kevin managed all operations, business decisions, financing, acquisition as well as disposition of property and water. While in this role, Kevin expanded and strengthened his relationships with farmers, water districts and water brokers, crop processors and marketers, UC researchers and farm advisors, and Ag Tech companies in California and internationally.